We started back after the summer holidays in September, everybody raring to go rehearsals for "Showtime 2015" got underway from day one, we started auditioning for our characters, Belle, The Cat in the Hat, and Control. Our successful students were Maddie Shorter to play Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Rose Rixham to play the Cat in the Hat and Sophie Randall to play Control from Starlight Express. All the other classes stared practicing with great enthusiasm.


During all this we started practicing for the 2015 Tapathon which was being organised by The Performers Project and it was to raise money for BBC Children

in Need. It wasn't until we got underway practicing that we found out that one of

our pupils benifits from one of the charities supported by Children in Need.

Grace Bunton-Knowles goes to the Dwarf Sports Association UK. So it made it more important for us to do it. So on November 15th 2015 at 1pm we started tapping, trying to beat a world record attempt of as many different people dancing the same routine in as many different venues at the same time. Unfortunately we were not successful in breaking the record but we had fun raising money.

Then on December 4th and 5th, all the hard work rehearsing for the show came to head. A high energy dance spectacular exploded onto the stage in Dore  Village Hall. Pupils, Students and Adults danced to "Seusical the Musical", "Beauty and the Beast" "Carousel", "Carwash" and we tapped along to G.I. Swing. An dance extravaganza of different dance styles including, tap, ballet, theatre craft, modern jazz, contemporary freestyle, rhythmic gymnastics and musical theatre.


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... And now for the rest of the year...

Keep a look out in the new year on Facebook and Instagram for snippets of the show DVD.


As for next year? Well, in January we'll be getting down to some exam work, also rehearsing for various shows including one where we have been asked by Dore Gilbert and Sullivan Society to dance the "Can-Can" for their production of "Orpheus in the Underworld" to be held in April at the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield.


So it looks like another busy year next year, we'll look forward to 2016!


Well, a lot has happened so far this year, the last 8 months have been busy and seen some changes. We started the year coming round after the excitement of the 2014 show, we knuckeled down for some hard work, preparing for exams, rehearsing for the Blackpool show and arranging a routine for a show for Gala week.


Blackpool came first, taking a coach load of excited students to Perform at the Opera House in the Wintergardens is quite a task, but a most enjoyable one! Everyone worked so hard at rehearsals practicing two routines we did in the show from 'Anything Goes'. We finally went on the 19th April, another success!


We couldn't rest for too long as the next event on our calendar was our first exam session of the year. On the 16th May, Mr. Phil Winston came to our school to examine. A super session, children, students and teachers all receiving excellent exam results, I couldn't have been more proud of their hard work.

During this time we moved our Wednesday "Talented Tots" class and our Friday Stretch and Tone class down to the United Reformed Church on Totley Brook Road. It was a very smooth move, and so we decided to move our Wednesday Ballet, Freestyle and Theatre Craft Classes down to this venue as well. All the children and Students have settled in really well.















It was soon Gala Week and it was down to the United Reformed Church, where we danced in the Shine Academy's showcase, where we 'Rocked the Church'.

In July we saw our second exam session of the year, on the 18th and 19th, with examiner Mrs Dawn Aldred. Again good results were gained from all children, students and teachers.


We had barely come up for air, when we were in the throws of Summer School, helped by Becky Gillard, one of our past Students. This year we decided to look into "Jukebox Musicals". These are the musicals that have been written with famous pop bands music as the inspiration. This year we did 'Mama Mia!', 'Our House', and 'We will Rock You'. Great fun was had by all. Three days of hard work, but plenty of laughter. You can check out some of the video's and photo's on our open group Facebook page Dance at Dore and also on our instagram page kelizh73.































And now, after a well earned rest over summer, we're back this September staring rehearsals for Showtime 2015! We're going to hold open auditions for 'Suessical the Musical', 'Starlight Express' and 'Carwash'. So if you can sing, dance or act, we'd love to hear from you. Keep an eye out for audition announcements.We need a Cat in the Hat, and Coaches for Starlight. If you want to come and look at rehearsals then get in touch, you'd be more than welcome.


Showtime 2015 will be held in Dore Church Hall, Townhead Road, S17 3GA. Friday 4th and Saturday 5th December. Ticket sale dates will be announced shortly.


So that's our busy year so far, and what's to come. Keep an eye out on Facebook for rehearsal updates.



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